Month: March 2018

Favorite MCU Movie Rankings Pt. 2

Last week I put out the bottom half of my favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe movies and here is the second half with some of my favorite movies in general! The best of the best the MCU has to offer. So here are numbers 9 through 1! 

Dumb Movie Question: Why does Mace Windu Have a Purple Lightsaber?

Every now and then I want to do a post that is dedicated to a dumb movie related question. These are questions you often find yourself asking more out of curiosity or some other really dumb reason, especially because the answer really does nothing to really add to anything in the movie, but it’s still fun to think about. You will learn the answers to some of movies greatest unanswered questions except most of these will just be my thoughts so they aren’t really definitive or anything they’re just to have some fun!