Avengers Infinity War Trailer 2 Reaction

YES! We finally got another trailer for Avengers Infinity War and it’s awesomely epic! Here are my thoughts and reactions!

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All I have to say is wow! The second and most likely final trailer for Avengers Infinity War dropped! This movie is going to be epic! So many incredible moments and so much to unpack in this trailer.

I love all the different character interactions we get and look forward to in a crossover event! We get to see Star Lord and Iron Man arguing over who gets to lead while Spider-Man sits watching in awe. We conversations between Gamora and Tony and the funny one at the end between Strange and Peter. Overall anytime the Guardians and the Avengers cross paths it’s going to be awesome.

The thing about this trailer is it really plays up the idea that one or more of the Avengers will meet their death combined with the scenes from the first trailer we have scenes now of Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Vision, Doctor Strange and even Loki all in some serious danger.  The directors Joe and Anthony Russo have stated that not everyone will make it out alive in this movie which as much as I hate seeing these characters that I’ve grown to love dying I think it’s important to a movie with this high of stakes that not everyone comes out unscathed.

A couple new things we get to glimpse are more details about Thanos, the Mad Titan himself. There are shots of a flashback where presumably he first takes Gamora to be his adopted daughter as a child. We also get to see our first clear shot of the Black Order Thanos’ other children, Corvus Glaive, Proxima Midnight, Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian. They are Thanos’ enforcers that will most likley be the ones dispatched to gather the Infinity Stones for Thanos. We see Proxima Midnight and Covus Glaive in the first trailer going after Vision and Wanda for the Mind Stone before Cap comes to save them. Then in this trailer we see Ebony Maw attacking Doctor Strange to presumably take the Time Stone out of the Eye of Agamotto. That leaves what I think Cull Obsidian leading the charge against Wakanda to take the Soul Stone which my guess is in Wakanda somewhere.

There you have it, my thoughts on Avengers Infinity War this is shaping up to be a historical and epic event! I am super hyped for this movie! Thanks for reading!

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