June Trailer Reactions

Hello Everyone! The summer blockbuster season is heating up and we just got a whole slew of new trailers that I am so excited to talk about!

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Ralph Breaks the Internet – Trailer (Release: 11/21/18)

This is the sequel to the much underrated Disney animated movie Wreck-It-Ralph! This trailer is just full of surprises and looks really weird, in a good way! First of all, it looks like now we will have crossovers and appearances from not only famous video game characters but also the Star Wars Universe, the Marvel Universe and the Disney Universe as well! It was really fun to see all the Disney Princesses all in one room, who also seem to be voiced by all the surviving original voice actresses! I don’t really know where they’re going with the story but I can’t wait! One notable omission though were the other two main characters from the first movie Fix-It-Felix and Sargent Calhoun.

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The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part – Teaser (Release: 2/8/19)

Next up we got a teaser trailer for the much anticipated Lego Movie sequel! I love this trailer it has many familiar elements that I love about the first movies like the characters and the humor but the story looks like it’s heading in a completely new direction. It looks like we get to hop around to different lands as the trailer starts in a wasteland like Mad Max and takes us to space and beyond. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the first trailer when it comes out!

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BumbleBee –  Teaser (Release: 12/21/18)

We also got a our first look at the new Transformers spinoff movie BumbleBee. I’ve got mixed feelings about this I hate most of the Transformers movies exceot for maybe the first one which is ok. I did like the voice over by Bernie Mac’s character from the first movie that was a nice touch. Hopefully with no Micheal Bay this time around the movie might actually have a decent story and compelling characters. Bumblebee looks great though, he looks like his classic appearance with the VW Bug form and I love Hailee Steinfeld as an actress. We will see about this movie.

Hype Meter: Cautious

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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse –  Trailer (Release: 12/14/18)

We got a new full trailer for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and damn I am pumped for this movie! The animation style in this looks fantastic! I love the comic book aesthetic and the jerky movement really makes it feel unique and unlike anything we’ve seen before. We also get our first introduction to not just one but two new Spider People! We finally get Miles Morales as Spider-Man and for those who don’t know him he’s an awesome character with his own unique set of powers separate from Peter Parker like camo and poison sting. We also get the alternate dimension Gwen Stacy as Spider-Gwen who’s costume is one of my favorites! With Jake Johnson voicing Peter though I can’t but only hear Nick Miller from New Girl as Spider-Man which is funny in it’s own way because Nick’s my favorite character on that show!

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How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World – Trailer (Release: 3/1/19)

Now this is the movie trailer I’ve been looking forward to the most! The How to Train Your Dragon series is one of the best animated movie series out there. Likable characters, compelling story, real emotional stakes, beautiful animation and fantastic soundtrack, it’s got it all! I don’t really know much about the details of this movie except that Toothless now has a girlfriend, a white colored Nightfury called a Lightfury. I’m not sure what the story is but I’m sure it’s going to be amazing and given that this is definitively the final movie in the series it should tie up all the story threads in satisfying way lead to an epic conclusion!

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