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Spider-Man Far From Home Podcast Review

Episode 49: Hey Guys! On this episode we get to discuss Marvel’s newest sequel, “Spider-Man: Far From Home”. We had so much fun recording because we got to discuss our different thoughts on this movie and why Spider-man still remains Kei’s favorite superhero. Enjoy and thank your for listening!

My Favorite MCU Moments

What is up everyone?! Now that Avengers Infinity War has been out for a few weeks now I wanted to go back and look through the 10 years and 19 movies at my top 10 favorite moments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I do want to mention these aren’t necessarily the best moments or the most epic moments, these are my personal favorite moments. These are scenes that hold a special meaning to me whether it was cool, made me feel emotions, or a major character moment. You know the moments that make you jump up in excitement or moments that stick with you even after the movie is over.