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Incredibles 2 Podcast Review

Episode 17: After a 14 year long wait for a sequel to one of Pixar’s best we finally get one! Was it worth the wait? We discuss on this new episode where we dive into The Incredibles 2!

My Favorite MCU Moments

What is up everyone?! Now that Avengers Infinity War has been out for a few weeks now I wanted to go back and look through the 10 years and 19 movies at my top 10 favorite moments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I do want to mention these aren’t necessarily the best moments or the most epic moments, these are my personal favorite moments. These are scenes that hold a special meaning to me whether it was cool, made me feel emotions, or a major character moment. You know the moments that make you jump up in excitement or moments that stick with you even after the movie is over.